How to say hello in Swahili

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why is it important to know greetings in swahili

First-time tourism is made more meaningful when you learn how to say “hello” in Swahili. It’s important because it shows respect for the local culture and can lead to friendly interactions with the people you meet. When you greet someone with “Jambo” or “Habari,” it can open doors to genuine cultural experiences and make your trip more memorable. Learning a few Swahili greetings can also help you feel like part of the community, making it easier to ask for directions, order food, and chat with locals. This not only makes your travel experience better but also promotes understanding and appreciation between you and the locals. So, saying “hello” in Swahili as a first-time tourist is a simple way to connect, break language barriers, and create lasting memories of your journey.

How to say hello in Swahili

Habari- Hello

Mambo- Hey 

how to say good morning in Swahili

Habari za Asubuhi- Good Morning 

Habari yako?- How Are you?

top 10 most common phrases in Swahili

Welcome.          Karibu

Thank.               Ahsante Sana

Goodbye.           Kwaheri

Please.               Tafadhali

Very Fine.           Nzuri Sana 

Ok.                      Sawa

Simama.             Stop

Ndio                    Yes

Naitwa                My Name is

Lala Salama       Goodnight 



Lion                Simba 

Leopard          Chui

Rhino              Kifaru

Buffalo            Mbogo

Tembo             Elephant


With a few basic Swahili phrases in your pocket, your journey in Tanzania is sure to be a memorable adventure. Learning a bit of the local language can make your experience more special. It helps you with things like finding your way, ordering food, and chatting with locals. Using Swahili shows you respect the culture and can lead to deeper connections. So, with these language skills, get ready for an amazing adventure in Tanzania!